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Shamanic healing classes

Discover Shamanism

Classes held on Tuesdays 13th, 20th, 27th September, 11th, 18th October, 8th, 15th, 22nd November, 6th and 13th December at 7pm and classes will be approximately 2 hours long.

Shamanic healing classes intensive:  Re-discovering Shamanism

Remembering how to connect with your innate gifts and more deeply trust your intuition will be central within these classes. If you already have a shamanic practice or if you are a beginner these classes will meet you where you are at. My aim is to provide a foundational class, the basis of learning how to practice shamanic healing for yourself and for others. Most sessions will also include a guided journey element.

I have been practicing Shamanic journeying since 2014. I give healings and readings as well as teach shamanic journeying. I have a deeply earth centred grounded approach to Shamanism. Although Spirit is my primary teacher I have also studied with other Shamanic teachers. I know the value of a human guide in these practices that can often feel intangible.

My role within these classes is to be a guide connecting you with what you already know. Most people drawn to this work have done it/ are doing it in other lives.

Although I plan the sessions in detail (as there is a lot to share in a small time), I let spirit be my guide as to what the group most needs to learn in that moment. As such, some subjects may be touched upon more than others, but broadly speaking the topics we will cover are listed below;

.       The principles of Shamanism

·       How to open sacred space and create a healing circle/ setting clear boundaries

·       The 3 worlds and how to navigate them

·       Power animals

·       Shamanic healing tools and how to use them/ toning 

·       A range of shamanic healing techniques including; Soul retrieval/ power retrieval/ energy retrieval

·       Working with elemental spirits, ancestors, angels, star beings and various spirit allies

·       Earth work

.       Ancestral healing,

.       Spiritual and energetic attachments and how to avoid and remove them,

.       Soul contracts

.       Channelling

In my experience this work and these classes have the potential to activate significant changes within yourself. To begin this type of work it is important that you feel fairly grounded in yourself, you will know when you are ready and if you are unsure or if you have any questions, please email me with any queries. Everyone’s experience is unique. 

If you can’t make a particular session, you can send me your questions before and everyone will receive a video link to the class afterward though full attendance is highly recommended.

You won’t receive any qualification or certificates – only your relationship with Spirit can tell you what work you are ready to do.  I will share the depth of knowledge and experience and support you in remembering your innate gifts. There will also be a private telegram group for you to ask questions and share experiences between classes if you want to.

The classes will be kept to small groups so we have time to go deeper with what the group wants to learn and experience.

You can buy shamanic healing part 1 and 2 seperately or you can pay less to purchase all 10 classes at once.

Image by Mel


I am SO in love with this healing Jo! I listened to it twice in two days, and look forward to listening again to discover deeper meanings and healing. The sound is AMAZING and exactly right...I definitely felt energy shifting and clearing throughout both sound sessions. The whole thing resonates so deeply...I’ve been working on disconnecting from old stagnant energies that no longer serve me, lineage legacies, old soul contracts, curses, etc. I felt a lightness after this session having had physically released this energy! 

During the energy clearing I felt a lot of movement around my neck and shoulders but I think that was the black sticky/stringy energy making itself known. I have had problems with my neck and shoulders for the more I can do to release what is held there the better. 

Some of what came through for you was so on point...I’ve been working with Rose medicine recently...oils, plants and Rose lines. I always feel like I have a huge team of ancestors supporting me, you were right there. 

Thank you so much! - Sarah P, UK

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