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Healings, Readings, Classes and Sessions

All sessions are distance, either you recieve an audio or we connect via zoom

Shamanic healing can help you to clear and heal stuck energy in order to bring more clarity, connection and vitality. Shamanic and Sound healing are both types of energy healing that work at a soul level.

​I do healings and readings in my own sacred space, I go on a shamanic journey on your behalf, where I work with spirit helpers in whatever way you most need for your highest and greatest good at that time. I connect to guides, including but not inclusive of; ancestors, star families, elementals and animal guides. I also connect to angels and ascended masters.

​The healings will have 2 personal sound healings, the first one is where I clear your energy field so I can see more clearly the work that needs to be done. I work with your intentions but I allow spirit to show me what is most needed at that time. This may include soul retrieval, power retrieval and/ or energy retrieval and or it could be a spiritual or energetic attachment that needs removing and transmuting. In the second sound healing I usually use a drum and voice and this helps the integration of the work that has taken place and can be an energetic or spiritual activation. Clients usually listen to the healings more than once and discover something different on each listen.

​I ask that the sounds I bring through are specifically what you need at that time, so for each healing the frequencies,

energies and sounds are unique and they help clear energy and they can assist activating something within you.

I use my voice and a drum, I also use singing bowls, tuning folks and rattles. To book a session see below;

Image by Mel


I am SO in love with this healing Jo! I listened to it twice in two days, and look forward to listening again to discover deeper meanings and healing. The sound is AMAZING and exactly right...I definitely felt energy shifting and clearing throughout both sound sessions. The whole thing resonates so deeply...I’ve been working on disconnecting from old stagnant energies that no longer serve me, lineage legacies, old soul contracts, curses, etc. I felt a lightness after this session having had physically released this energy! 

During the energy clearing I felt a lot of movement around my neck and shoulders but I think that was the black sticky/stringy energy making itself known. I have had problems with my neck and shoulders for the more I can do to release what is held there the better. 

Some of what came through for you was so on point...I’ve been working with Rose medicine recently...oils, plants and Rose lines. I always feel like I have a huge team of ancestors supporting me, you were right there. 

Thank you so much! - Sarah P, UK

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