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Falling deeper into other worlds

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Have you ever been to another world? Probably, well most definitely when you dream. Reality is far more fluid then we have been taught and when we fall into this, freeing ourselves from our conditioning, we experience magic and begin to remember the true vastness of ourselves and our reality.

I had a powerful remembering a few years ago and it came to me all at once. In one moment, I saw almost the entire life a wise man to whom my soul is connected. I saw his death, the injury that caused it and I understood who he was. Well actually who he is because in the same moment, I knew he was aware of me now in another time and that other time is happening now. I felt humbled and overwhelmed with emotion, for I knew he appreciated me dearly and valued me and my compassion. I also knew in this moment that without our many layers of conditioning the possibilities of how we can fall deeper into these other worlds is beyond our comprehension. I knew this because he has these abilities and I got a glimpse of them. We all have these abilities but with how our minds have been programmed from a young age we are cut off from our heart intelligence and our multidimensional nature. But we can choose to remember.

Experiences like these have helped me to become more grounded in the present moment and it is only there that I have felt into my multidimensionality.

At the time of the experience I was practicing shamanic journeying and a daily morning breath meditation. If you want to remember some of your soul connections, you don’t have to formally meditate, though it certainly helps. You have to be present, to breathe deeply and consciously and be a receiver, by that I mean allow yourself to be receptive. We are taught the value of doing and giving more than the art of receiving and it is equally as important. When we can truly surrender to the present moment it is here magic happens and our awareness shifts in miraculous ways where we can experience an eternity in a moment. Even after practicing yoga for many years it took a lot shavasana's (corpse pose) for me to learn this art. And it is a practice that I am still learning.

This experience allowed me to see my conditioning and how inhibiting that can be, so I have been working on releasing as much of it as I can. It also helped me to appreciate who I am and that my compassion is of value.

In my healings we often work on surrendering to presence if you would like to book a session click here.

The song Absolve which you listen to here is inspired by some of these experiences (my incredible bandmates at the time wrote the music with me)

A B S O L V E I pricked my finger with rose now I’m soaked in blood Sea snakes are dancing at the bottom of the ocean Absolve me Absorb everything you see He told me be a receiver Now I’m soaked in blood at the bottom of the ocean Sea snakes are dancing at the bottom of the ocean Absolve me Absorb everything you see Can you see me I see you in me The night when the dams broke these stones turned into Serpents Fall deeper into these other worlds Absolve me (Art work by @jomotopia)


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