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Kali Energy

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s you I’ve felt, it’s you I’ve known all this time, deep down in my bones you breathe life into the darkest places. The darkest places we have been together to become the one who knows, and I remember I have always been her.

It takes true strength to remain in our real power and many of us have been taught to fear it. We all have fierceness pulsing through us ready to be unleashed into the world, wanting expression, and one way or another it will rise.

I want her to be my ally again as she has been many times, but now I want to know her more intimately more consciously, her energy in me that can destroy and create worlds.

Her energy in all of us.

Within her ferocity is love and behind her blades is a tenderness, this is the energy that is here now to tear down the world as we know it. Her destruction comes from love and is taking all that we no longer need in order for us to be free. Though with her softness do not be fooled she will rip out your heart if it is rotten.

Most of the things we cling to are an illusion and she is here to burn them down. To show us however painful it might be that we have created an insidious mess that grows and is allowed to be from our consent.

She is here to bring us into awareness and when we can truly see what this world is, there is a choice for us to see the horrors we have allowed or retreat into old submissive patterns and blaming ways – if this is your choice mercy may look like an ending of some kind, and so your cycle to see and experience what you need will start again.

It’s easy to point our fingers at monsters and there are many but without truly facing our own darkness, no real change can occur.

I am ready to look at the ugliness, the lies, so many lies and watch them burn and dance through the smoke.

What sweet release to know the truth, though I have always known it, my body and my heart have been telling me for as long as I can remember that the way we have been doing things is not working and they know a more beautiful world is possible.

I haven’t always been able to express this knowing as I had been taught so well to distrust my innate wisdom. But there can be no true disconnection from this. It doesn’t leave anyone, we have a choice to return. Return to our knowing that comes from our blood and bones, from the air we breathe, the earth knows and speaks to us, as does the wind, water, fire and ether, they have never stopped speaking to us, we forgot how to listen.

I recognise the many times in my life Kali has been cursing through me and I appreciate what she has brought to me so deeply, as I am here now, strong and vital. I have seen her in journeys and she has helped me find the darkest parts of myself and transform them with love. I have felt her all-encompassing love in the moments of deep love I have for myself and everything around me.

Kali teaches us righteous anger has its place. I have been bold and brazen and triggered many people but without the inner strength to stand faithfully by my convictions. I have more of that strength now. I have seen the immensity of her power, I have felt it. It has scared some, those not ready to be in its presence and I wasn’t able to be unapologetic for who I am. I had been deluded into thinking I wasn’t worthy and it was important to be nice. Nice makes me nauseous at least the kind that is masking a truth that’s needs revealing but stays buried, in fear of not being accepted and of the perception of others.

I am ready now to let go of false mirrors. I feel your beautiful love, your fierce gentle unconditional love. I am forgiven for everything I have done and everything I will ever do.

I evoke my fearlessness and find courage to stand tall in my power in this world of illusion, I slay all that is not love.

Let me dance a thousand dances in your attire of bones and lick the blood of demons. For I am you and you are me, it has always been so.

Fierceness there’s a serpent in my stomach screaming

I hope someday that you will be free, lets feel our way through this eternity, when I feel your arms around me, I know ... that ... there’s love.

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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