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Remember to forget everything you think you know

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Drop in deeply, and listen to the sounds, listen to the wind and birds as they speak to you, listen to the sounds of the trees. Breathe it all in, and exhale, plug in more deeply. Feel the flow of energy all around, feel the flow move through you, spirit is moving through you and all things at all times…

In this place there is no room for anything other than connection to yourself, connection to spirit and the earth… This is a place to rest, this is a place to renew, this is the place to remember everything you need to know. All your lives merge in this place, all the energy from all aspects of yourself can be found here. All wisdom can be found here and it will willingly present itself to anyone who is in love. Being in a place of love is the most important key to unlock more wisdom, energy and transformation.

Drop more deeply in this space, drop everything you think you know. Whatever you think you know to be true, let it go. This way you find truth, this is the way to remember.

Remember and feel who you really are, feel the infinite flow of energy move through you, this is who you are.

From this place drop even deeper, surrender again and again and feel, feel the light pouring through you from above and below. Allow more light in and slowly move and dance with it and spread it out. The warmth from this energy feels light, it is all encompassing beauty

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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