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Sallow Eyes

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Pour into the unknown and wander through the darkness where our hips meet.

Have you escaped your doubt or is it still chasing you into the earth? If you are covered in dirt let your doubt seep out down into the lava.

Where do I have the most wanting, I breathe deeply into my belly – I have wanting in my navel

to create, to create life and remember a truth.

Which truth are you seeking for there are many all-around, which one will fit you best?

Have you felt the rain on your cheeks the bitter cold in your legs, the sun in your eyes, then every day you are living a life worthy of breath. We are being breathed as much as we take breath.

Sallow eyes how well you wear your lies, you have forgotten they were even lies at all.

Rotting from your core, the smell begins to be around at all times, there is no escaping the stench from inside.

Sallow eyes can you ever forget your lies and take a chance in finding a truth, just one.

How can you begin when your skin is covered in warts of deceit? The layers of lies told to you, to your mother and your grandmother. So deep and rotten, burrowing into them is the ugliest job, burrowing deeper feeling the sickness and dishonour from the mountains upon mountains of lies. How did it get so dark? There is a beauty in darkness and it lives in us all, but it’s hard to see the beauty in this deception and dishonour. The dishonour that lasts for generations and lives on in your womb.

What did you keep for me that doesn’t bear pain, simply survival? A chance to bury myself in self-doubt and live in murky waters unsure of myself and how to move. The awkwardness of my body mustering a self confidence that is easy to shoot, there are those who hunt in an attempt to claim the power of my warrior heart.

I dive into the murky waters swimming through the moss, I see a box, an old treasure box and death puts the key in my pocket. I open the box and sunlight breaks through, golden and white, the darkness is gone and only light to bask and swim through.

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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