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Snake cells

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I have a lot to share about intuition, there will be more on this matter from me, for it is complex and multi-facetted and also pretty simple. Right now it has never been so important to listen to ourselves deeply. Below is a poem/song lyrics and some scattered thoughts and musings on intuition, nature, cells and technology:

Your long days are over these wrong days

Cursing through my blood cells, I release all that I have

Are you out of your mind?

We don't need to re-live all of this insanity

Wrong days are over these long days

Your long days are over these wrong days

We have so much more to live for,

Ancestors are here, in your snake cells

Cursing through my blood, I release all that I have

These long days are over these wrong days

Wrong days are over, these long days

Ancestors are here, in your snake cells

Remembering how to truly listen to our intuition is an ongoing inquisitive practice. How does something feel in your body, physically, emotionally and energetically? For me it’s a deep process that requires discernment, tenacity and exploration. The more I listen the more magic prevails in my life.

For far too long now have we relegated our powers of intuition, if we were taught to listen and trust our intuition, I believe the world would be a different place for the better. Children have much to teach us about intuition that we need to re-learn. Now is the time to listen, time to respect all aspects of ourselves and not continue to dismiss those we have been taught are less valuable.

I shouldn’t have to write everything logically in my most rational voice to be heard, this is not the only way we can communicate, how much of who we really are as humans has been devalued and lost to mechanistic systems and language? I’m not suggesting to abandon all logic and reason but for centuries we have suppressed our intuition, now is the time to re address the balance. We all have masculine and feminine aspects within us. But for so long certain masculine traits have been held on a pedestal over all others such as logic and reason but without intuition, compassion, deep listening and understanding of ourselves, our bodies and this earth, it is dangerous. We can see that all around us.

It seems that our science, as yet, does not know the full wonders and depths of our cells, we can glimpse this, not through a statistic or a graph or a chart, but by learning to listen to the language of our soul. She speaks in shivers, feelings and instant knowing, she speaks in poems and songs, smiles and sparkles in eyes. She speaks through the winds and trees and the waves of the oceans.

When we detach from our senses, we can miss the most potent gifts that we all have, an innate wisdom and it doesn’t speak to us in diagrams and statistics – To understand our wholeness, our beautiful complex body and eco systems, we can’t love them and nourish them with logic alone. To fully experience ourselves, each other and our environments we need to reconnect to our bodies, that is this earth. For we are minerals and bone, dirt and dust, water, air and fire.

I feel energetic waves and ripples run through my body, from my toes through my heart, throat, head and beyond. I feel energy in my hands spreading through my whole body, each cell alive, dying and renewing themselves continually, and each cell, remembering somehow all of its lives. Our bodies are miraculous, an intelligence we are only just beginning to remember. Our body is our living soul, each cell having its own experience, each organ its own character, doing its best to work in harmony with our conscious thoughts and ideas we hold of ourselves.

As amazing as modern technology can be at the same time it can be a dangerous/addictive trap. Our thoughts are as natural as our bodies, our mental states are not separate from our physical and energetic ones. Our thoughts and emotions have an immense energy with the potential to transform into the physical, what unbelievable gifts we all possess.

Smart phones, iPads, laptops and TV’s can scatter our concentration and disrupt this phenomenal ability to focus on creating what we want. Of course, when used with focus and creativity, they can be amazing tools. Having access to information from the internet and modern devices has assisted a transformation in my consciousness, but I sometimes wonder, if I had been in nature for longer periods of time, perhaps I could have elevated my awareness without any device and found the wealth of knowledge that exists in my body and allowed my consciousness to access different realms and find wisdom there. I have done some of this and I am spending more time tuning in without a screen and instead using the incredible technology that is my body, physical, energetic and subtle body. I feel the wild calling me to spend more time in natural environments to learn things I can never learn from any book or technical device.

How much does modern technology enhance our lives? And how much does it keep us in slavery to a model of society that does not serve us, that takes us away from our true nature. We can be connected to our true selves/nature and use modern technology, but we must find balance and time to connect, appreciate and love the awesome natural world that we are.

I feel there has been forgetting, that we have ancient and/or future memories of living in harmony with our environment of living free and wild and being empowered beyond our wildest imaginations. And right now, is the time to remember and to re connect to who we are and what we want.

Right now, I am surrounded by big old trees, I am in a city, though I am blessed for there are many trees and song birds that are here too. So, I am tuning into them, their songs, their rhythms, the energy I feel from the trees. Each tree so unique and collectively emitting a tranquil love along with many other messages from them and the land if we listen. And, the wisdom of my body, as I become quiet, I can hear what I need, I can hear what is best for me to do, when action is needed. Can we allow our disconnection to bring us to a different place of knowing that we haven’t experienced before?

By connecting to myself and nature, I am remembering my voice and that is one of the greatest challenges we all have, to be who we are, to see beyond and break out of instilled doctrines, to begin to unearth our unique soul expressions, this is vital if we want to fully experience our aliveness.

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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