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I cry out in defiance and love

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

There is a deep rage in me waiting for expression. There is sadness too. How do we become so lost?

I believe a better world is here, now, for us all, but we have to look at ourselves in our entirety to be free. For there is no escaping any aspect of our being ...we can push it down or to the side and there it will find a place to breed in our bodies and in our souls. Ignoring ugliness or any unwanted aspect of ourselves is not possible. Though we may try and try nothing goes away until we acknowledge it and listen, deeply.

I am reminding myself when speaking with others to really listen, to gently absorb myself into their words and energy. And then I can almost experience for myself what they are sharing. This is what we must do with ourselves listen intently with full awareness to what our unconscious is communicating with us.

There is a wild rage in me wanting to dance and passionately express itself. But I feel I have forgotten how to be so truly wild and free. This is what I am here for ... Expand – contract – Expand – contract – with each expansion remember the wildness in my heart, in my veins flowing through my blood. With every contraction to surrender fully.

How do I live everyday connecting to this truth for without it I am dismissing an essential part of my being, I am shrinking, as I have been taught so well, into the expectations of others.

Oh, how glorious a moment to shatter all of that with a shriek of non-compliance and connection to truth. Truth I am wild, I am passion, I am creator of new worlds. I feel my wild self-growing as I speak of her, I feel a connection to what has been lost…

I cry out in defiance and love...

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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