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Image by Siska Vrijburg

Introduction to Shamanic healing

A talk on rediscovering Shamanism

5th April 7.30pm (approx 1 hour) @Ullet Road Unitarian Church Liverpool, booking required

How can we re connect to ancient practices in our world today? How can we find new ways to connect with the Earth and spirit that meets us where we are now? What is Shamanism and Shamanic healing? These are some questions I will be exploring on 5th April.


The practice of Shamanism is at least 35,000 years old potentially much older. We all have ancestors that would have had a Shamanic practice. In this talk I will share some of my personal journey of rediscovering Shamanism, how it informs my everyday life and why I feel it is of great value for more people to discover what their ancestors knew. Shamanism has helped me understand and unravel my conditioning. I will also provide some tips as to where to start if you want to learn how to shamanic journey and how to remember how to communicate with the Land and trees.


There will be a chance to ask me questions and if you are interested in taking my 5-week series of classes on Shamanic healing you will be able to ask questions at the end.  Anyone is welcome to this talk whether you are considering taking the classes or not this is a stand-alone event.  

This is talk there won’t be any Shamanic journeying! That will be in the classes.


Practicing Shamanism has been central to my life since 2014 but even before this time I have had a close relationship with Spirit and the earth. I believe we all do and that we are in the process of remembering and rediscovering what has been temporarily forgotten.

Image by Mel


I am SO in love with this healing Jo! I listened to it twice in two days, and look forward to listening again to discover deeper meanings and healing. The sound is AMAZING and exactly right...I definitely felt energy shifting and clearing throughout both sound sessions. The whole thing resonates so deeply...I’ve been working on disconnecting from old stagnant energies that no longer serve me, lineage legacies, old soul contracts, curses, etc. I felt a lightness after this session having had physically released this energy! 

During the energy clearing I felt a lot of movement around my neck and shoulders but I think that was the black sticky/stringy energy making itself known. I have had problems with my neck and shoulders for the more I can do to release what is held there the better. 

Some of what came through for you was so on point...I’ve been working with Rose medicine recently...oils, plants and Rose lines. I always feel like I have a huge team of ancestors supporting me, you were right there. 

Thank you so much! - Sarah P, UK

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