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Talking with trees can enrich your life (unique tree frequencies and tree songs)

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A beautiful wise oak tree told me that most people are so close to remembering much more deeply our ancient and sacred relationship with trees and our innate ability to commune with them and all of nature. For me, this is one of the most valuable things we can do for ourselves, for the earth and for each other. Communicating with the earth, the land, the water, the elements, plants, can change the way you live. This has changed and continues to change me and the way I live in beautiful and magical ways.

When we can let go of stories even for just a moment, there is peace. The frequencies of nature help us to do this. To drop all our charades and just be. Even if it’s fleeting, these moments are golden and here, we can begin again over and over. This in and of itself is such a momentous blessing that we all have when we connect with nature and it is enough. But there is more, so much more.

To build a stronger relationship with the land, trees and spirit, it requires a perception shift to understand that everything is not only alive but everything is conscious. Spirit is moving within all things and we can communicate with all of nature. I believe the changes that will benefit the earth and humans the most, will come from us remembering that all things are alive, conscious and sacred.

Trees are our elders; they are incredibly loving and they can give you what you need when you need it. As well as receiving the specific medicine of each tree, they allow us to more easily access our expanded self, when we get quiet and bathe in the frequencies of trees we feel into our own wisdom, love and calm. Of course it’s not just about considering what you can get, for all healthy relationships are reciprocal and you will usually receive the best healing, information and wisdom, when you are approaching the trees with reverence, honour, being humble and open to enter into a reciprocal relationship.

I occasionally (probably more than I like to admit) find myself deeply saddened about how disconnected people seem to be and act, disconnected from nature, our own true nature, soul and spirit. One afternoon I had been sat with the trees and this had been on my mind earlier in the day when I heard an old oak tree tell me that so many humans, more than I realize, are so close already to living in a different way where we can hear the trees and remember our ancient and sacred relationship with them. That this is just under the surface to return to this way of being, to listen to the land and begin to reconcile after a long time apart. When I say hear the trees, and the land; Nature and trees communicate with everyone in different ways, we’re using our intuitive and telepathic abilities that everybody has but it works uniquely for each of us.

You just have to look at any tree, and you can see the consciousness just running throughout it. I often think about how communicating with trees again would affect us in practical ways. One way being when we ask the land and the trees what is okay for us to take and how we can create together. As well as asking ourselves what do we really need to take from the land in order to sustain ourselves and live-in harmony. I have remmebered lifetimes where this was so and I know it will be again. When we do this, it brings more soul into our daily lives, where all of the objects and things that we have around us, including the very home that we live in, has been built with love and honour. When we cherish the things around us and are aware of their consciousness and unique medicine our lives become so much richer. Mass produce objects where there’s been no asking what we can take, the items become dead and then potentially we lose our power to these objects.

There is a unique medicine with each tree, and when we start to hear them again, we know that most of them are so benevolent and loving that they’ll give you what you need at that time and that’ll be very specific to you. We can build a personal relationship with a particular tree and we can connect with the oversoul of that type of tree. With Beech trees, I know particular Beech trees and I have a close relationship to Beech, the oversoul of all Beech trees, I immediately feel their welcome when I am near them and fall easily into their lush energy. There’s an element of bliss to their medicine, (well with lots of trees there is) but Beech trees there is a unique frequency of bliss, and they act as a portal for us to access these beautiful, blissful realms. These realms exist here and now. So, it’s not about escaping this reality that we have, it’s about accessing what is already here.

There is so much to rediscover from ancient knowledge about trees (Celtic culture and the Ogham being one example) but what I value the most is my actual felt experience with the trees and what I experience on shamanic journeys. It’s such a difficult thing to express in words, which is why I sing with them. The songs comes partly from myself and partly from the energy of the tree, the frequencies of that tree. It is my hope that some of their medicine is expressed in the songs. It’s a very intuitive process and I know that the trees love it when we sing with them. They are powerful energy cleansers themselves, but when you’re there with the intention of love and singing, this can help clear the energy even more for them, as well as feeling into the unknown magic that occurs through song itself. Similarly, when the birds sing, the bird’s clear energy with their song and their light, beautiful energy around the trees, they are sharing their love with the trees. Bird song is also said to activate the plants and trees to grow. The trees give the birds all they need to survive and the birds give back to the trees with their song and lightness of being. Remembering our reciprocal relationship with nature is of great value and makes us richer in the truest meaning of rich.

This is a path and a journey that I’ll be on for the rest of my life, learning from trees and all of nature and doing what I can to give back to them, be it singing, or hopefully sharing and encouraging other people to remember our sacred relationship with trees, that is right there just under the surface for all of us.

If we can envision this world and start to ask what we can take and how to create with nature and with the trees, it opens up such beautiful and endless possibilities that are majestic and harmonious rather than destructive for the land and all inhabitants. When we look out in the world right now it can seem like we’re far from that, and in some ways that is true but there is a growing number of us remembering. We can focus on what we can do and what our hopes and dreams are, for the earth and for nature and, and for our future. And we all have so much more power than we know when we are connected to spirit and to love.


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