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The Chalice Well | Glastonbury

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I had purposefully held off learning more about the myths and energies of Glastonbury until I had experienced it for myself. Whenever I go to such places, I do my best to be present and carry no expectations because each time we visit somewhere it will be different, we will be different, and so too the energies of the place itself.

The energy I felt around the Chalice well is unlike anything I have ever felt, I was blown away and cracked wide open.

I am still integrating it all.

The intensity of this energy was deeply loving and I am still in complete awe.

In most places in nature there is bliss to be felt and in many of these places there are often ley lines and vortexes of divine energy.

The entire gardens at the Chalice well holds deeply peaceful energy, there are incredible ancient Yew trees that stand as guardians at the well and throughout the gardens.

The most potent energies are around the well itself. It brought tears to my eyes, I was overwhelmed by the beauty, truly no words can describe it. But I write this to help me remember and to acknowledge the divinity that is here on earth.

There are many different legends about this well, but whatever the reasons for this energy, this is a holy well that floods so much love. This place is a direct access point to the divine and though we can do this anywhere and at any time, it is a different experience to be by this holy well in the physical.

In Celtic mythology the well of wisdom stands at the centre of the Celtic otherworld, the source of all. There are thousands of holy wells across the British Isles many now abandoned and in ruin. Some are still visited regularly, but for most of us this deep part of our culture has been forgotten. It is something I want to rediscover and reignite, honouring these sacred waters coming from our mother earth, and access points to the otherworld.

What I am asking now is how do I allow these experiences to anchor in my day-to-day life.

The answer I have found (so far) is to allow myself to feel this love and these energies more and more throughout my day and operate from this place of love and peace as best I can. A seemingly easy task though to truly be at peace and in love can be difficult and the most natural thing in the world. Once we have felt a particular way, we can feel it again and we all leave energetic imprints wherever we are.

I returned to the well in the following days and it was a different experience, still the same powerful beauty and after a while sitting, I knew I needed to lay on the grass and put my feet on the earth for a while to help me ground the intensity and allow it to flow.

Many ley lines cross in Glastonbury and it is believed to be the heart chakra of the earth, it is certainly a powerful place. I could feel the dragon energy of the Tor when we visited.

I now ask that I allow this love to nourish my heart and soul where it needs it the most. I allow this love to help me come into deeper awareness of my shadows so they no longer have the same control over me, so I can move more freely through my life, in love, in forgiveness for myself and others and to surrender to the flow of the divine that is moving through us all at all times.

There are stories about the voices of the wells, I want to commune with the trees, the waters, the stones, the wind and the earth. These are the things that make sense to me.

The symbol on the Chalice well is of vesica pisces, which holds several meanings, where the spirit realms meet the earth resonates with me.

If you would like to work with me, I offer shamanic healings and mentorship sessions.


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